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Getting Punished

Although I do my best to behave as a submissive, there are times that I do not perform to expectations and need to be punished. There may also times when I have done nothing wrong, but my dominant wants to punish me “just because”. So I know I am to be punished, but what is the best way to prepare me for it?

Let me explain this as an example. Should they tell me “Minh, you need to be punished tomorrow morning, and I will do x, y, and z to you”. If they do then I will have all night to think (and worry) about it. But I can also mentally prepare myself for it, since I know what is coming.

The other option is they telling me, “Minh you are going to punished tomorrow morning.” Will it be an easy or rough punishment, brief or long, etc? I don’t know and there is no way I can really prepare for the unknown, except to know something will happen to me in the morning. For me, anyways this second option is much worse on me mentally.

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Am I a Submissive on her way to becoming a slave?

Lately, I have been considering taking my submission to a higher level. To do this I would in effect, be “owned” by another. While I enjoy submission to both dominant males and females, I have often wondered what it would be like to have every facet of your life controlled by someone. This idea both excites and scares me. I mean with the right person it would be wonderful, but with the wrong person quite the opposite. (I guess it is in a way like marriage). Well I just wanted to share that with my readers. I am not sure if it will every happen, but I try to keep this blog as a window to my life.

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Why I enjoy Bondage

I have been asked why I enjoy bondage. Some people think of bondage as just being uncomfortable, or whips and chains. Others wonder why you need to restrain someone, because if they want to be with you there is no need to restrain them, and if they don’t want to be with you, you might end in prison with a cell mate who wants you to be their lover.

This may sound strange, but I find freedom in being bound. Although I try to overcome it, I was brought up in a sexually repressed family. When I am restrained, I have no control over what happens to me. I can’t feel guilty about it, as it is done without my “consent”. That is the best way I can describe it. I just hope it all makes sense to you. Others may enjoy bondage for the same reason, or other reasons. I just thought about my reasons for liking it once and came up with the above.

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Why I enjoy Submission

I have given you some background information about me in my prior posts. Now I thought it would be good to address what it is about submission that I enjoy. For me submission is giving up control over myself, and allowing others to make decisions for me.  That is why bondage is often involved in my submission. Obviously if someone has tied me up, they decide when I get untied. I can ask, beg, plead, or whatever, but the ultimate decision is not mine. I might be tied for a short or long time. I might be given multiple orgasms, or I might be taken just to the edge of orgasm. I might also be punished in various ways. I like to think of it as if I was riding a roller coaster in the dark. I know different things will happen to me, but I don’t know which ones, for how long, in what order, and to what degree I will experience different things. To me that is exciting and an adventure. You may or may not agree I just hope you accept me as I am.

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Physical description and more about me.

OK, I have covered my past in the last couple posts to help you understand me better. If you were ever to see me you would find me to be no amazon. I am a petite Chinese-American standing 5’1″ tall and weighing about 105 pounds. I am in my early 20’s, have long straight jet black hair, and brown eyes. I am your basic Asian girl, with one exception and that is my breasts are above average in size for a Asian girl. It is not that are huge or anything, but I wear a size 32c bra. Oh, and yes they are “real”. Some guys have told me that I have a cute butt, so I guess that means I have good T&A! I consider myself to be shy, although I hope this blog will help me become more outgoing. I like to shop, travel, dance, and go to movies. If you have any questions or comments for me, please post them as I would love to hear from you.

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My life after high school…on to college.

After high school I split up with my boy friend who introduced me to submission. We weren’t really all that compatiable, although we did have some fun times together, and I wish the best for him. I went out with different guys over the next couple years. None of these relationships ever became serious. I also enrolled in college. In my junior year, I had an experience that changed me. I was living off campus and had a female roommate. She was going out with this great guy and life was wonderful for her. Then without any advance warning he dumped her. It happened on a Saturday afternoon and she was devastated. That night, since I had no plans for the evening (and if I had I probably would have canceled them) she asked me to just stay there and be with with her since she did not want to be alone. I agreed, and we sat and talked about men, life, and the best ice cream flavors. (Just kidding about the ice cream). Then we decided to drink some wine. Now I didn’t drink much then, and still don’t now, so it went to my head rather quickly. Well, to make a long story short we ended up in bed together and not to sleep! It was my first experience like that, and I offically became a bi that night. I had to drop out of school due to financial reasons, but hope to return in the future to finish my degree.

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Once upon a time…my life through high school

Hello everyone. I am a Asian female who will be telling you about myself. I decided to do this after a girlfriend told me that I had an interesting life and others might be interested in reading about it. Well I guess I will find out soon.

I guess the best way to begin is to tell you some history about myself. I was born in Taiwan and came to the USA when I was 12. My family moved to Southern California, and I have lived there ever since. I like all there is to see and do out here, although the crowds and traffic can be maddening at times. My parents never talked to me about sex. They would always say I would learn after I got married. Well I learned as a high school senior. So I guess I was a early learner! One Saturday night a former boyfriend asked if he could tie me to the bed. At first I said what for, I wanted to do it with him, and we had done it already several times. But he kept saying he wanted to try it. Finally I agreed. So, he used some of my old stockings and tied me. At first I was embarassed, as my legs were tied wide open and he just looked at that part of my body. But then he climbed up on the bed and we had sex. But it was quite different experience for me. I was “helpless” to resist him, even though I really did not want to resist. I hope you understand what I am trying to say here. All I knew after we finished was that I enjoyed it a lot! Except for my liking of being tied I guess my life was like most high school girls.

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