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It happened one (Friday) night

After several days (and nights) of getting to know Mistress Alana I was feeling better about coming down to visit her. I was sensing she liked me too now. She told me Friday Friday morning that tonight was going to be special, but she did not say how it would be. Naturally I was curious, and tried to find out but she told me I would have to wait. Well of course that made time slow down for me.

Eventually though, I made it to Friday night still wondering about what she had planned. We had dinner together at home and were just sitting in her living room talking. After telling me about a movie she had recently seen she said, “Minh stand up for me and remove all your clothing”. I was a bit surprised by what I heard and wasn’t sure if I had heard her correctly, so I asked her to repeat it. She smiled and said, “I told you to stand and strip for me girl”. While I did not mind getting naked with her, I usually knew why I was naked. But knowing or not, I undressed and folded my clothes over the back of a chair. Then she motioned for me to sit again. I did and we chatted some more. I felt a little strange being nude while she was totally dressed. Then she stopped and said “Stand Minh, we are going to have some fun now. At least I am.” I stood. I was a little nervous. “Follow me girl” she said leading me to a room I had not been in before. Mistress Alana pointed to a exam table, the kind used for gyecological exams. “Get up on it…Dr. Alana is waiting” she said giggling. I climbed up onto the table and laid down and put my feet in the stirrups. She fastened straps across my torso, and also ones to hold my feet in the stirrups. Once I was secured, she said “Oh I almost forgot, the blindfold, I want you to concentrate on what is being done to your body and not be distracted by anything else.” So she blindfolded me, and it was lights out! Now I was a bit nervous. I thought she would be punishing me and wasn’t sure what to expect. Instead she began to kiss me. My fears evaporated. We french kissed and some fondled my breasts as we did so. I just wish I could carress her too.

“How are you feeling Minh? she whispered after she broke our kiss. “Wonderful Mistress, just wonderful” I replied. Then I heard her move and suddenly my legs were movong apart. She was adjusting the stirrups so I was spread wider, and then wider still. Then I felt her kiss me down there on my private place. “Do you want me to continue Minh?” “Oh most definitely” “Why do you want me to continue?” (She startle to fondle me there) “Because it feel so good when you do” “It feels so good when I do what Minh?” “When you kiss me and fondle my breasts and pubic area” Alana laughed. “I want you to use common terms for them girl. Now ask me to continue and tell me why too” “Please Mistress don’t stop…kiss my lips…play with my boobs, my tits…also my pussy, because it feels so good and I enjoy it so” “Oh do you Minh? Do you want to have an orgasm? Do you want to cum? Then tell me what a slut you are and beg better” “Please Mistress I am close to cumming….don’t stop it feels so good…kiss me, play with my boobs, play with my pussy, do what you want, this slut needs it now so badly” I then felt my left nipple being pinched and twisted. I yelled in pain. “I don’t care what you need Minh, you are just a wet Chinese cunt now, so act like one and call yourself one” I gulped I hated that C word. “Please may this worthless Chinese cunt have the pleasure of cumming…when you say that I can” “Oh much better girl, you are learning” Alana then brought ne close and then stopped, and again and again. It was sweet agony!!! Finally after what seemed liked forever she said, “You may have an orgasm now.” I did and it was so wonderful…

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Getting to know Mistress better

After I was untied Mistress Alana allowed me to dress, without the bra of course, for dinner. She finished off making it while I was dressing and getting ready. She made a nice salad and spaghetti. After dinner we sat around and talked. Then we headed to her bedroom where we…mmmm…had fun. You will just have to use your imagination sometimes! After we eventually finished (giggles), Mistress Alana put a padded leather restaint on my right ankle. It was attached by a thin metal chain to one of the bedposts. She smiled at me after she did so and said, “That’s just so you remember what you are”. I told her I did not think I would forget, and she just laughed. But it stayed on my ankle.

The next few days were spent getting to know each other better. We went out to eat, to the movies, shopping, etc. She even let me wear a bra again! I discovered that she had a dry sense of humor, and that she loved to shop as much as I did. There was no BDSM activites, except for getting my ankle locked to the chain each night. I really enjoyed our time together, but was wondering how she felt about me. Did she like me too? She seemed to, but I wasn’t sure. I did not know it then but I would soon find out…

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Teaching me a lesson

As I lay there on the padded sawhorse I thought about what she meant by a learning experience. I felt it probably meant she would punish me and I would learn to listen better. Her gentle touch on my skin felt good. But she had also said something about me being able to make all the noise I wanted to. Well, rubbing me as she was doing now would only enduce a soft moan of pleasure, not anything noisy. Then she gave me a medium spank on my right cheek. I made a little yelp, more from being caught unaware than anything else. She laughed at me, and said “such a noisy little subbie”. She went back to caressing me. Her hand now was staying on my behind. Then she gave me a medium spank to my left cheek, followed by one to the right, followed by another one to the right. Then she went back to caressing my behind. Then some more spanks. I stayed fairly quiet through all this, which was noticed by Mistress Alana. She spoke, “you are pretty quiet. Are you thinking about being a better sub in the future?” I nodded and told her I would be. “I hope so dear”, she replied. Then she walked over and picked up a leather paddle, and said “nothing like the sound of leather on bare skin”. I gulped, knowing that she was the conductor and I was the orchestra, and she was planning on making some music. I did not have to wait long, as she started paddline me as soon as she returned. This time there was no caressing breaks. I yelled out as she spanked me hard. Then she stopped. “OK girl, let’s see if you learned anything”, she said, “Why was it wrong for you to wear a bra?” I whimpered “Because you told me not to.” She went on, “That’s right Minh, and what do people do when you don’t wear a bra?” I blushed a little, “Well the guys look at me. They like to see them bouncing and jiggling I guess. I see them staring at my breasts.” Then she paddled me again with the leather paddle. “You don’t have breasts Minh, submissives like you have tits. Big fat Chinese tits.  Now let’s try again, and be descriptive. Describe the reaction you get when you go braless. Do a good job, and we will finish for tonight…and if you don’t we will continue your paddling.” I gulped knowing I needed to get this right. I knew I would have to humiliate myself with my answer to please her. I replied, “Well I see them staring at my bouncing and jiggling big fat Chinese tits. They undress me with their eyes. To them I am just something to fuck. A slut to use. The women usually look at me with disgust, especially if they are with their man.” I lower my eyes to the floor. “Well done Minh”, she replied as she started to unfasten me from the sawhorse, “I hope you learned your lesson today”.

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Getting me ready for my first punishment

I followed Mistress to where I was to be punished on all fours. When she invited me to spend a week at her house to get to know her better I did not think it would begin like this. But I knew part of the week would be devoted to Mistress – submissive activity. We reach the room where I was to be punished. She told me to get on the padded sawhorse. I did so, draping myself over it. She wasted no time putting my ankles in padded restraints that were then attached to the sawhorse. I pulled slightly on them, and seen I was going nowhere, until she decided I would. I was both excited and scared. Mistress Alana then walked over to the door to the room and closed it. She returned, saying “The room is soundproofed, and I just wanted to close the door so you can make as much noise as you want”. I gulped to myself. I wondered if she was serious, or just playing with me. I thought for a moment that I made a mistake ever coming here. She looked at me and asked, “So what are you feeling now girl?”. I replied, “Well to be honest I feeling a combination of things…excited, scared, nervous, curious…” She smiled, “Quite normal thoughts for a girl in your situation…just think of this as a………learning experience, and let’s hope you are a quick learner.” She then began to let fingertips dance over my skin, making long graceful patterns on my back, bottom and thighs. She had a wonderful touch. I replied, “I understand Mistress Alana” and a smile crossed her lips.

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Finally allowed out of my cage and me need to pee

After she unlocked the cage I backed out of the cage. I was glad to be out of the cage.  But I needed to go to the bathroom now. Since I did not have time to stop on the way over, and had spent the time after arriving in the cage I did not have a chance to urinate. I looked up and said, “Can I please go pee before we continue?” Mistress Alana smiled, “Of course dear you may”. Then as I started to get up she spoke again, “Where do you think you are going? Get back on all fours again! I will take you.” I got back on all fours again. Then she put a collar on my neck. I was glad that I had put my hair up before driving here , so she could do that quickly. She clipped a leash onto it. She said “OK puppy let’s go”. I thought yes lets go…and quickly please. Well instead of leading me to the bathrom she lead me outside to her back yard! I was going to have to pee outside!!! At this point though, I didn’t care much where I peed as long as I could pee, and now. She lead me to a patch of bare ground and told me to squat there and ask permission to pee. I quickly squatted and said, “Mistress Alana, may I please pee now?” She said yes and watched me as I did so. After I (finally) finished, she said. “I am glad to see that you are housebroken puppy. Now let’s play fetch the ball”. She undid the leash and I had to go get a ball she threw, and bring it back in my mouth to her, while I was on all fours. I was glad her neighbors’ houses were not close by and that she had a high fence.  I had to fetch the ball several times before she reattached my leash and we went back inside. She then said “OK, Minh let’s go take care of your punishment next”.

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Waiting in my cage for Mistress Alana to return

After Mistress Alana left the room I wondered to myself if I had made the right decision in coming here. WhileI had only met her in person once before, and she seemed ok, but I was having second thoughts now. Why was it such a big deal that I had not worn a bra? I mean if she wanted access to my breasts I would have to take my top off anyways, and it would not that much more work to unhook my bra and remove it. But she was right in that I do not do as she wished.

Anyway, it was too late to change anything now. I pushed my right foot against the cage door just to be sure it was locked. It was. The cage had a thin mat on the bottom so kneeling inside it was not too bad. I just wished it was tall enough so that I could kneel without bending over. This cage had a lot of empty space between the bars, yet held me as securely as it had been solid metal. The room I was in was rather small and windowless, so I couldn’t even look outside and see the sky. So time passed slowly for me.

Finally she returned. I was so glad to see her! She came and stood in front of the cage and looked down at me. She spoke, “So Minh, in the future do  you think you can follow simple instructions?” I blushed and replied, “Yes Mistress Alana”. She continued, “well then little chinadoll, apologize to me, tell me it was proper to have you naked in a cage, and ask….no…beg to be let out……….so you can be punished.” I gulped, but replied “I am sorry Mistress Alana for having worn a bra when you told me no to. For displeasing you I am glad that you had me strip and go in this cage. I needed to be taught a lesson. While being caged has helped me, I still need to be taken out of this cage and punished by you. I humbly beg you to do this now.” I hoped those words would please her. Apparently they did because she walked to the back of the cage. Before she opened the door she remarked my “hindquarters” looked nice, but to raise my ass up more so she could see my pussy better. I felt humiliated but raised my butt up as she wished. “Oh much better Minh” she said. I had to stay like this for a minute or so before she finally unlocked my cage.

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Making a bad first impression with Mistress Alana

I have briefly talked about my past to help you understand me better. Now I will move up to the very recent past. As a submissive, I have played with different dominants, both male and female. But lately I have felt the urge to have a long term relationship with just one person. I was not having much success but then found a woman online, Mistress Alana, who I got to know online. She lives about 2 hours or so from me, so I need a long weekend to get to know her better. After all one can only learn so much online.

So I decided to ask for a week off from work to go see her and be her submissive for the week. She told me to wear a short skirt and snug top, with no bra when I came down to her house. So after a Friday at work where the clock seemed to slow down, I drove home, changed and drove to her house. I wore a bra for the drive, but would remove it in a restroom at a fast food place or restaraunt near her house.

I get there and ring her doorbell. She answers and invites me in. We talk for a minute and then she gives me a strange look. She points to my top and says “What’s this?”  I reply, “Oh this blouse, I got it last week on sale at…” She holds up her hand for me to stop, “I know it is a blouse. What is underneath it?” I thought it was a odd question, “My bra, why?” Then I realized what I had forgotten to do. “Oh my bra, sorry I forgot to take it off before I got here.” She smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it Minh, you can take it off now…along with everything else!” Now I expected to be nude for part of my time with her, but did not expect it to be so quickly. Nevertheless, I had messed up and wanted her to know I was sorry, so my clothes quickly came off. “Good girl”, Mistress ALana said, “now follow me”. I followed her to another room where there was a small cage. “Now get inside and you will have some time to think about remebering things you are told to do. I will be back later.” I knelt, and got down on all fours to crawl inside the cage. Once inside she locked the door with a lock. It was small and I couldn’t stand or turn around or anything. I could only watch her leave without a word and wait till she returned to (hopefully) let me out.

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