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A nice evening and morning with Mistress Alana

Last night Mistress took some time off from my training. She said that I had been progressing well and had earned an evening off. She decided that we would watch a movie she had rented from the video store for us. I made some popcorn. No butter as I need to watch my weight for my Saturday weigh in. It was wonderful to just snuggle with her on the couch. The movie was not all that good, so Mistress started nibbling and licking my earlobe during the boring slow parts. Well that lead to some kissing, which lead to some fondling, which lead to two girls being naked on the couch. (giggles) We headed to her bedroom next where she had me put on a strap on dildo to please her with. Then she put it on and used it on me. It was a nice erotic evening, but it was getting late and we were both tired and sweaty and smiling. Then she said I would be allowed to sleep in her bed with her tonight. She got up and put a ankle restraint on me and locked it to a thin chain attached to the bed. I asked her why she does that as I don’t want to go anywhere. Mistress just smiled and said “I know Minh. It is just a reminder to you that you are my slave”. I smiled back at her and said ” I will never forget that Mistress”. We kissed and then I fell asleep in her arms.

After we woke up today we did some quick exercises together. Then we took a shower together. I washed Mistress’ hair and cleaned her body with soap before cleaning my own. I just love the way it feels when our wet skins rub against each other in the shower! I dried Mistress Alana’s hair and then I made us each a omelet. Mistress had some errands to run so she put me back in my room. When she returned she let me out and told me I could write a post to my blog before making us salads for lunch. So I need to end this post here. Hope to be able to write again soon.

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Training continues

The last few days Mistress Alana has had more time to spend with me, and I am happy about that! She has me follow her around the house on all fours as holds a leash attached to my collar. It makes me feel like a pet, but maybe that is the point as she calls me her little Chinese puppygirl. At least she hasn’t laid newspapers on the floor and told me I need to be housebroken! She has also been working on improving my oral skills in pleasing her sexually. I just wish she would please me too, but she says maybe this weekend, if my training goes well this week. So I am doing my best. Mistress also told me that I need to lose some weight. She will prepare a schedule for me soon on my goals. Before I just had to maintain my weight and not gain at my weekly Saturday weigh ins. I think it was because I was a little nervous before becoming a slave and I ate too much. I do that sometimes when I nervous or worried.

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Our Saturday

We went to Tijuana, Mexico today. Mistress took me to a leather shop she knows about, and had them make a leather collar, wrist restraints, and ankle restraints for me. I love the smell of leather! Then it was back home. I did some cleaning and Mistress relaxed. Then I made popcorn and we watched a DVD. Mistress then wanted me to pleasure her with my tongue and mouth. I knelt in front of her, as she pulled up her skirt. I pulled her panties off and set about doing so. She was soon wiggling on the couch, pulling my head in closer and yelling at me to “pleasure me slave, and do a good job or else”. Luckily I did a good job and she had 2 orgasms. Afterwards she told me I did a good job!!!

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My first week as a slave.

I just wanted to let my readers know what my life is like now. When I moved here I brought my stuff with me. Mistress had me park my car in her garage. I gave her the keys and she locked them in her house safe along with my jewelry, credit cards, cash, and other valuables. She is going through my clothes to determine which ones I will keep, and which ones will be donated to charity. She is not done yet, but has said that she thinks I need to have more “slutty clothes”. I tend to dress conservatively most of the time so this will be a change for me.

When Mistress does not have need of me, I am in my room. It is a windowless small room, with a metal four poster bed  with many rings welded to it. I assume that is because it is used to facilitate bondage, and I expect to learn for sure very soon. It hasa small closet with clothes Mistress has picked out for me to wear, although some days she keeps me naked. I have my own bathroom with shower/tub. Not much else in the room except for a small tv and small square refrigerator. So time tends to pass slowly for me when I am kept in my room. Even if I wanted out, I couldn’t get out because there is no door handle on the inside and the deadbolt lock is on the outside of my room.

I miss my computer and going on the internet whenever I wanted to. Mistress and I do get up early to exercise, and I sometimes am allowed time to go online then, and at other times. Mistress requires me to stay in shape and weighed me when I came here. I will get weigh3ed every Saturday and if I gain weight I get punished. So I have an incentive to watch my weight!

I have not had much time with Mistress this week, as she has been busy with clients and other things. But she promised me next week she will have some more time for me.

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I did it, I became a slave!

(Sorry to have taken so long to post this). Well last Saturday I waved good bye to L.A. and drove down to beautiful San Diego. I had a uneventful drive and got there before noon. Mistress Alana and I talked a bit and then went out for a late lunch by the ocean. We returned to her place and I took a shower, as tonight I was going to be collared in front of some her friends. I dressed in a red silk dress, with black heels, and some sexy black underthings. Her friends arrived and I was introduced to them. Then we all went to the living room. Mistress stood by me and asked me if I wanted to be her slave. I said yes I do want to become her slave. She then spoke about the duties of a slave, and asked me again if this is what I wanted. I again replied yes. Then she took a leather collar and placed it around my neck, and locked it in place with a small padlock. She then said “Minh, I accept you as my slave.” Then she attached a leash to my collar, and I knelt and kissed her shoes. She then lead me around the room and thanked each guest for coming over. It was a simple, but very meaningful ceremony. Then we went to her bedroom and she undressed me and I ummmm made her smile all night long. (giggles)

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My last posting before becoming a slave

Well I can’t believe it is almost time for me to move to San Diego. I sold or gave away a lot of my stuff, but still have a lot of clothes, shoes, and pictures (among other things) to move. I hope to post again soon, as Mistress said I would be able to continue posting here. She is planning a special collaring ceremony and party for me. I don’t know any of the details yet, other than the fact I will be the one getting collared of course, but I am sure that it will be special. I am getting together tonight for pizza with some close friends. Then tomorrow morning I am off to San Diego to join Mistress Alana. So it will be goodbye LA, hello new life!

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One week to go

Well time keeps moving along. I was able to go through my things last week and sell or give away stuff that I don’t need. It amazing how much excess stuff you accumulate over time. Next week I will take care of all the last minute things and go out with some long time friends. My roommate was able to find someone to share the our place so she is happy, but sad to see me go. A girl that always pays her share of the rent on time is always missed I guess. (giggles) Next weekend is my big move, to a new location and new life too. I think I am ready for it. I have a few doubts, but that is just the way I am. Mistress keeps assuring me that I will do fine as a slave and that helps me. She also said that I can keep writing my blog, so you all can keep up on what is happening with me. Your comments are always nice too. That way I don’t feel I am just typing all this and no one ever reads it.

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