My thoughts and Getting weighed again

May 18, 2007 storyofminh

Well after getting thoroughly humiliated Friday in the mud, I was hoping my Saturday weigh in would go well. I did not want another week of being a piggie girl. After my shower I did spend a bit of time thinking about my slave life. It has not been at times what I expected. I willingly became a slave because I cared deeply about Mistress Alana. I wanted to please her and make her happy. At times I feel she cares deeply about me, but at other times I wonder how she views me. Perhaps it is because I can not think as a Mistress? I don’t know, I guess it was being pushed into the mud by her and having to roll around in it. I do trust her, and think it will all make sense in the future.

Well Saturday I got weighed again. I was relieved to learn that I had lost a pound, but reminded that I did have to lose 3 more pounds by June 2 which is only 3 weeks away! Arrgghh, a slave girl’s life is never easy. But this is the life I chose.

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  • 1. pegasus  |  May 19, 2007 at 10:39 pm

    i love mud play:) and it is good for the skin too

    Note from Minh: Yes it is good for the skin, but I would rather get a mud treatment at a spa than rolling around in it in the backyard!

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