Last couple weeks

June 15, 2007 storyofminh

The last couple weeks have been spent in teaching me to be a better slave. I need to learn to obey my Mistress better. I was late at losing the weight she told me to lose and still have one more pound to go. She punished me in different ways to help teach me to be a better slave. I hope to make her proud of me when I step on the scale Saturday!!!

As part of my training Mistress has needed to punish me. Last night , for example I undressed and then she tied my hands behind me. She then put on nipple clamps with chains with little weights at the end. They were uncomfortable to wear, but not that bad. That was until she told me to dance for her. Those little metal balls were tugging on my nipples and bouncing off my breasts as I did so. Then she made me stand in place and bounce on my feet, making the balls go up and down. I wish my poor nipples were not so sensitive.

In other new, Mistress lost a major client of hers when a businessman got transferred out of state. Hopefully, she will get another one to replace him, but she lost a good regular income source when he left. She had me sell my car, which I don’t really need as she always drives her car and I never leave the house except when I am with her.

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