Adventure on the water

June 13, 2009 storyofminh

Mistress took yesterday off to go on a cruise on one of her Mistress friend’s boat. Mistress took me along to enjoy the ocean. The boat owner and two of her friends, who are also dominants (one male and one female) also went, along with their subs. So alltogether there was 3 Dommes, 1 Dom, and 4 subbie females on the boat.

We sailed out to sea, and soon were away from other boats and far from shore. We had plenty of beer and wine on the boat, and we all had some to drink. Swimsuits (bikinis for the subbies, one pieces for the Dom/mes) were the attire for the cruise.

It was fun until the Dom, Tom was his name, said in a loud voice, “OK all you subbies, it’s time to show your tits.” Now I don’t mind nudity, but just his manner and leering looks bothered me. Still I lined up in a row with the other subbies in front of the dominants who were sitting in chairs on the deck. Starting with the girl on the left, one by one we had to take our bikini top off, and put our hands behind us. Then Tom would give his comments about our breasts. I felt sorry for a very small breasted white girl who was almost on the edge of tears from his crude coments. Then after we all had our tops off, Tom got up and groped our boobs, going from girl to girl. Then he announced, “Hell, you subbies might as well be naked, so strip.” So 4 bottoms soon joined our tops on the boat deck.

The Dommes paired us subbies off, and told us to kiss each other. I was paired with a Hispanic girl who kissed really well. Well actually we soon had to do more than kiss. Let’s just say that we got to know each other rather intimately.

Then we got hogtied before heading back to port. We were untied when we got close to land snd permitted to put our bikinis back on. It was a fun day at sea!

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