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Adventure on the water

Mistress took yesterday off to go on a cruise on one of her Mistress friend’s boat. Mistress took me along to enjoy the ocean. The boat owner and two of her friends, who are also dominants (one male and one female) also went, along with their subs. So alltogether there was 3 Dommes, 1 Dom, and 4 subbie females on the boat.

We sailed out to sea, and soon were away from other boats and far from shore. We had plenty of beer and wine on the boat, and we all had some to drink. Swimsuits (bikinis for the subbies, one pieces for the Dom/mes) were the attire for the cruise.

It was fun until the Dom, Tom was his name, said in a loud voice, “OK all you subbies, it’s time to show your tits.” Now I don’t mind nudity, but just his manner and leering looks bothered me. Still I lined up in a row with the other subbies in front of the dominants who were sitting in chairs on the deck. Starting with the girl on the left, one by one we had to take our bikini top off, and put our hands behind us. Then Tom would give his comments about our breasts. I felt sorry for a very small breasted white girl who was almost on the edge of tears from his crude coments. Then after we all had our tops off, Tom got up and groped our boobs, going from girl to girl. Then he announced, “Hell, you subbies might as well be naked, so strip.” So 4 bottoms soon joined our tops on the boat deck.

The Dommes paired us subbies off, and told us to kiss each other. I was paired with a Hispanic girl who kissed really well. Well actually we soon had to do more than kiss. Let’s just say that we got to know each other rather intimately.

Then we got hogtied before heading back to port. We were untied when we got close to land snd permitted to put our bikinis back on. It was a fun day at sea!

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The Party

The party we had was fun. I had to serve drinks with wooden stocks on. (Think of two pieces of wood made with hinge and lock, that has holes for neck and wrists.) There were 3 other submissives at party and we all gor tied up in different ways. Nice why to celbrate the holiday!

1 comment June 5, 2009

What I am now

Mistress thought that I needed some additional training before being allowed. She wanted me to post now and tell you know what I am.

I am a slave to Mistress Alana. She owns me. She owns all of me. I will do as she says.I love you Mistress.

5 comments August 24, 2007

I am back

Sorry I have not posted for awhile. Mistress took me on vacation and I also have not allowed to blog because my training was not going as well as expected. I have improved and now will be allowed to post now.

3 comments July 28, 2007

Last couple weeks

The last couple weeks have been spent in teaching me to be a better slave. I need to learn to obey my Mistress better. I was late at losing the weight she told me to lose and still have one more pound to go. She punished me in different ways to help teach me to be a better slave. I hope to make her proud of me when I step on the scale Saturday!!!

As part of my training Mistress has needed to punish me. Last night , for example I undressed and then she tied my hands behind me. She then put on nipple clamps with chains with little weights at the end. They were uncomfortable to wear, but not that bad. That was until she told me to dance for her. Those little metal balls were tugging on my nipples and bouncing off my breasts as I did so. Then she made me stand in place and bounce on my feet, making the balls go up and down. I wish my poor nipples were not so sensitive.

In other new, Mistress lost a major client of hers when a businessman got transferred out of state. Hopefully, she will get another one to replace him, but she lost a good regular income source when he left. She had me sell my car, which I don’t really need as she always drives her car and I never leave the house except when I am with her.

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More on Saturday

On Saturday Mistress wanted me to tell everyone reading my blog that I had failed at my weigh in. then I returned to her and she had me get inside a very small cage. I had to kneel and then bend forward to fit. I could not move at all in it. Then she locked me inside. She left the room. I had to stay inside for a long time like that. Then she returned, and asked “What are you?” I replied, “I am your slave. A slave who failed you today Mistress Alana. A slave who deserves to be punished.” She continued, “You are all that and more. You are a worthless Chinese pig. I want you to say that and convince me that you believe it.” Trembling as I spoke I continued, “I am a worthless Chinese pig. My only purpose is to make you happy and I failed. I deserve to be punished and suffer. I need to learn to do as you say. Please teach me in any way you desire.”

Then she let me out. It took awhile before I could stand and walk. But when I could she told me to walk over to a padded bench and lie face down on it. My wrists were attached to cuffs on the front legs, and my ankles were roped together. Straps encircled me at different places to hold me to the bench. Then she got a crop and began to hit the bottom of my feet. She began gently, but soon increased the force. Soon I was screaming. Mistress decreased the pace, but kept the force the same. I don’t know how long it lasted, it seemed like forever. Then she stopped and untied me. I got up but could not stand and walk, I could only crawl due to the pain. “Get your worthless ass back into your room NOW!” Mistress Alana commanded. She used her crop on my butt to “encourage” me to move faster. Then she locked me inside for the night.

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Getting used to my new haircut and another Sat weigh in

I spent the week adjusting to my new shaved look. I mean I never thought much of the way I looked down there before. I mean as long as there were no hairs poking out the edge of my bikini things were fine. Now I catch myself looking at it every time I get out of the shower.

Mistress Alana tells me I will get used to it because I will bare there forever. That is the way a slave should be she tells me. So if that is the way it will be I guess I will eventually get used to it.

If I seem a little down today it is because at my weigh in I had not lost any weight. So now I have to lose 3 pounds in a week. Mistress was upset with me too. She told me “I would hate to be in your skin slave, if you don’t make your weight goal next Saturday”. I am not sure what she will do to me then, but I know it will not be pleasant. So much for enjoying a holiday weekend.

1 comment May 26, 2007

Getting Shaved

Sorry for being so behind on my postings.

Well I had a nice lunch last Saturday. I couldn’t help thinking about getting shaved during lunch though. Then Mistress sent me back to my room after lunch for a couple more hours. So I had some more time to think! Finally she let me out and I went with her to the room where I would get shaved. She had me undress and put leather restraints on my wrists and ankles. Then I had to get up on this padded table that had O rings all around the edge of it. Mistress quickly secured me to the table with chain and padlocks in a spread eagle position. My legs were open wide and any modesty I had, was eliminated by being displayed like this. Then I had to “ask” to be shaved. I did so, but I felt humiliated doing it. Then Mistress took a final picture of my “hairy” self. Then she used a used a warm wet wash towel, some shaving cream, and a a razor to shave me bare of any pubic hair. I now had a bare beaver. 🙂 After making sure that she did not miss any spots, she cleaned off the last of the shaving cream and took another picture of my new shaved self. Mistress Alana then instructed me that from now on I would be required to keep myself nicely shaved, with no stubble, or as she put it “to be always lickable”. After this she let me return to my room. While there I went to the mirror to look at myself there. Although it is a rather small change in my appearance I feel so much different now.

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My Saturday Weigh In, I need a haircut, and my thoughts

Well once again it was time to visit my friend (and sometime enemy) the bathroom scale. Today the news was mixed…the good news being that I did not gain any weight…the bad news being that I did not lose any. Now I only have 2 weeks to lose 3 pounds! I have to do it somehow as I don’t want to have to be a pig girl again. Although from the comments I received, some of you seemed to enjoy the fact that I was one, and are probably rooting against me.

After my weigh in Mistress informed me that she would be shaving off all of my pubic hair tonight. I don’t have that much down there, just a nicely trimmed strip of hair, but it will soon be gone. Mistress Alana described it as having a “bare beaver”. But what does that part of a girl have in common with a forest animal? I don’t understand English slang sometimes.

Well I have to go now to eat dinner and then get my haircut.

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My thoughts and Getting weighed again

Well after getting thoroughly humiliated Friday in the mud, I was hoping my Saturday weigh in would go well. I did not want another week of being a piggie girl. After my shower I did spend a bit of time thinking about my slave life. It has not been at times what I expected. I willingly became a slave because I cared deeply about Mistress Alana. I wanted to please her and make her happy. At times I feel she cares deeply about me, but at other times I wonder how she views me. Perhaps it is because I can not think as a Mistress? I don’t know, I guess it was being pushed into the mud by her and having to roll around in it. I do trust her, and think it will all make sense in the future.

Well Saturday I got weighed again. I was relieved to learn that I had lost a pound, but reminded that I did have to lose 3 more pounds by June 2 which is only 3 weeks away! Arrgghh, a slave girl’s life is never easy. But this is the life I chose.

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