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Piggiegirl gets a backyard surprise

Mistress came and got me today (Friday). I thought it was for lunch, but she lead me on a walk outside. I was on all fours. It was nice to feel the sun on my bare skin. She walked me around her backyard. She had a small digital camera with her so I thought she might want to get some nudie pics of me. Instead she lead me to where the ground had been dug up to make a small garden in the future and unclipped my leash from my collar. She had run water on the dirt and it was now mud. Then she said, “Get in the mud and roll around. I want to see you covered in mud from head to toe.” I grimaced , not wanting to do that, but knowing that I had to. I started to slowly crawl into the mud. Mistress then went behind me and pushed me into it with her foot. She pushed me hard and I landed in the mud with a splash. Then I had to roll around in it, like some farm animal. I felt degraded and humiliated. My long black hair was covered in mud, as was all of me. Then Mistress started taking pictures of me. I guess to record the moment. Then I had to stand and she took some glamor pictures of me as she directed me on how to pose. I did not feel glamorous, and being called things like “Oh what a sexy Chinese piggie” did not help, but still I tried to smile and do my best ay modeling in the mud.  Finally she hosed the mud off me with a garden hose and lead me back inside to my room. Before locking me inside she said, “I do hope you lost that pound. We will find out Saturday. But then again maybe you like being a pig girl”. I could say nothing. I was still humiliated by the experience. I just took a long shower, trying to get all the mud out of my hair.

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