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If you CAN lick them, then do!

Well my new lickable pussy, also affectionately known as the bald beaver, got enjoyed Saturday night by Mistress Alana. She had tightly tied me to the bed naked, and started by kissing me. First on the lips, some nice French kisses, then wandering over to my earlobes and neck. She then gave my breasts some attention, and they liked it. Then she left a trail a kiss down my tummy to (giggles) my hairless place.

I was a bit anxious for her to get there, as it had been awhile, since mmmm her last visit. I whispered that I was happy she was doing this. She paused, and said “Doing what slave? You have to ask me if you want something.” I guess once again she wanted to show me my place. So I said, “Yes Mistress. Would you please pleasure me with your tongue?” She laughed at that. Then Mistress spoke again, “You seem to forget sometime what you are…you are a slave…nothing but a fucking useless slave…I own your ass…if you want me to lick you, then ask….no make that beg…for me to enjoy your Chinese cunt!” I blushed and replied, “Yes Mistress, this worthless slave sometimes forgets her place. I humble ask you to lick my pus…I mean my cunt, my worthless Chinese cunt.”

She glanced up at me and smiled, “That’s better slave.” Then she went to work down there. She quickly got me quite aroused and I was looking forward to my orgasm. “Almost there Mistress” I whispered. She stopped, looked up and pinched my nipples. She glared at me, “What did you say , you stupid cunt?” Her tone of voice told me she was quite upset. “I just said that I was close to orgasm Mistress” I replied.  “I know slave”, Mistess spoke again, “but slaves don’t cum without permission, and if you want that permission you need to beg…and beg damn good.”

Then Mistress went back to doing what she was doing and I felt myself getting aroused again. I knew I needed permission soon. So I started asking for it. “Please Mistress may I cum…may your slave be granted permission to cum, my wonderful Mistress…….Mistress may your Chinese girl cum…I so close , oh please Mistress I beg of you let this useless Chinese cunt cum”. She just laughed and got up. “Horney little bitch aren’t you pet?” she said. I blushed and said, “Yes Mistress…and you can get me so excited…I beg for release….please Mistress allow this stupid worthless Chinese cunt to cum.”

Mistress smiled at me, “You are learning slave, so I will do that for you”. She then lowered her head and mmmmmmmmmm I soon had a wonderful orgasm!

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My Saturday Weigh In, I need a haircut, and my thoughts

Well once again it was time to visit my friend (and sometime enemy) the bathroom scale. Today the news was mixed…the good news being that I did not gain any weight…the bad news being that I did not lose any. Now I only have 2 weeks to lose 3 pounds! I have to do it somehow as I don’t want to have to be a pig girl again. Although from the comments I received, some of you seemed to enjoy the fact that I was one, and are probably rooting against me.

After my weigh in Mistress informed me that she would be shaving off all of my pubic hair tonight. I don’t have that much down there, just a nicely trimmed strip of hair, but it will soon be gone. Mistress Alana described it as having a “bare beaver”. But what does that part of a girl have in common with a forest animal? I don’t understand English slang sometimes.

Well I have to go now to eat dinner and then get my haircut.

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Piggie’s Punishment

Why is it that time slows down when you waiting to get punished? I could not get into watching tv as my mind wandered too much. I was an odd feeling, I wanted Mistress Alana to let me out of my room, but then again I wasn’t looking forward to getting out because I knew i would be punished then.

Then the door to my room opened and it was time to go. “You will follow me on your hands and knees”, Mistress spoke to me, “as a reminder to you that you are a little Chinese piggie. From this point on, until I tell you otherwise, you are not to speak to me in English. You are to speak in pig, one oink for no, two oinks for yes. Now get on all fours piggie and let’s practice”. I got on all fours. Mistress Alana began, “OK say no”. I felt so humiliated now, but I oinked once for her. She smirked, “Come on piggie you can do better than that. Let’s hear you day yes and say it loudly”. Why did she have to humiliate me like this? Couldn’t she just punish me? I would learn from that. Still I knew I had to do as told, so I oinked twice loudly. “Very good little china pig. Now come along let’s get you ready for punishment” she said with a smirk. Mistress Alana began a brisk walk and I followed behind her as quickly as I could.

We got to the punishment room and she put some leather restraints on my wrists and ankles. I looked around and seen I was next to a padded sawhorse. Mistress then said, “I think you need some water before we begin. Do you agree?” Well even if I did disagree I knew better than to say so! I may be a new slave, but I am not a dumb one! I did almost mess up by speaking yes instead of oinking, but I caught myself in time. So I oinked twice, nicely to avoid displeasing Mistress. In response Mistress brought me some water to drink. But not in a glass , but in a pet bowl. I guess piggies don’t drink from glasses. Then she told me to lower my face to the bowl and lap up the water, like a cat would, but keep my butt high in the air. I did so. Mistress used her heels to push my knees apart more and then begin to carress and fondle me. Maybe this punishment would not be so bad after all!!!

But it was not to be. She stopped and I looked up at her. “Silly piggie”, she said to me, “you don’t get to cum. Now lay face down across the sawhorse. I have other plans for your “ham” now. I got up and got into position and she quickly secured me in place so I could not move hardly at all. Then she told me I was to be gagged, and put a nice red ball gag in my mouth and strapped it in place. Mistress then began to spank my butt…she varied the timing, severity, and her target (left or right cheek). I whimpered and then cried as she spanked me. I don’t know how long she did it, but my ass started to feel like it was on fire after awhile. Then she got a paddle and continued some more. I was wondering when it would ever end. Then she laid the paddle down. I breathed a sigh of relief. But I was premature as she picked up a flogger and gave me a few more on my butt. I was sobbing and crying by now. She stopped and took out my gag. She spoke to me, “So did you learn your lesson today little China piggie?” (Two oinks) “You are going to lose that extra pound by next week aren’t you?” (Two oinks) “You need to look your best for the summer. I am going to take you to the beach to show off that body of yours and you need it to look it’s best. Is that understood?” (Two oinks)

I was then taken off the sawhorse, followed Mistress back to the computer so I could kneel and write this. She just told me I don’t get lunch today and will spend the rest of the day until dinner time in my room.

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It happened one (Friday) night

After several days (and nights) of getting to know Mistress Alana I was feeling better about coming down to visit her. I was sensing she liked me too now. She told me Friday Friday morning that tonight was going to be special, but she did not say how it would be. Naturally I was curious, and tried to find out but she told me I would have to wait. Well of course that made time slow down for me.

Eventually though, I made it to Friday night still wondering about what she had planned. We had dinner together at home and were just sitting in her living room talking. After telling me about a movie she had recently seen she said, “Minh stand up for me and remove all your clothing”. I was a bit surprised by what I heard and wasn’t sure if I had heard her correctly, so I asked her to repeat it. She smiled and said, “I told you to stand and strip for me girl”. While I did not mind getting naked with her, I usually knew why I was naked. But knowing or not, I undressed and folded my clothes over the back of a chair. Then she motioned for me to sit again. I did and we chatted some more. I felt a little strange being nude while she was totally dressed. Then she stopped and said “Stand Minh, we are going to have some fun now. At least I am.” I stood. I was a little nervous. “Follow me girl” she said leading me to a room I had not been in before. Mistress Alana pointed to a exam table, the kind used for gyecological exams. “Get up on it…Dr. Alana is waiting” she said giggling. I climbed up onto the table and laid down and put my feet in the stirrups. She fastened straps across my torso, and also ones to hold my feet in the stirrups. Once I was secured, she said “Oh I almost forgot, the blindfold, I want you to concentrate on what is being done to your body and not be distracted by anything else.” So she blindfolded me, and it was lights out! Now I was a bit nervous. I thought she would be punishing me and wasn’t sure what to expect. Instead she began to kiss me. My fears evaporated. We french kissed and some fondled my breasts as we did so. I just wish I could carress her too.

“How are you feeling Minh? she whispered after she broke our kiss. “Wonderful Mistress, just wonderful” I replied. Then I heard her move and suddenly my legs were movong apart. She was adjusting the stirrups so I was spread wider, and then wider still. Then I felt her kiss me down there on my private place. “Do you want me to continue Minh?” “Oh most definitely” “Why do you want me to continue?” (She startle to fondle me there) “Because it feel so good when you do” “It feels so good when I do what Minh?” “When you kiss me and fondle my breasts and pubic area” Alana laughed. “I want you to use common terms for them girl. Now ask me to continue and tell me why too” “Please Mistress don’t stop…kiss my lips…play with my boobs, my tits…also my pussy, because it feels so good and I enjoy it so” “Oh do you Minh? Do you want to have an orgasm? Do you want to cum? Then tell me what a slut you are and beg better” “Please Mistress I am close to cumming….don’t stop it feels so good…kiss me, play with my boobs, play with my pussy, do what you want, this slut needs it now so badly” I then felt my left nipple being pinched and twisted. I yelled in pain. “I don’t care what you need Minh, you are just a wet Chinese cunt now, so act like one and call yourself one” I gulped I hated that C word. “Please may this worthless Chinese cunt have the pleasure of cumming…when you say that I can” “Oh much better girl, you are learning” Alana then brought ne close and then stopped, and again and again. It was sweet agony!!! Finally after what seemed liked forever she said, “You may have an orgasm now.” I did and it was so wonderful…

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