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Training continues

The last few days Mistress Alana has had more time to spend with me, and I am happy about that! She has me follow her around the house on all fours as holds a leash attached to my collar. It makes me feel like a pet, but maybe that is the point as she calls me her little Chinese puppygirl. At least she hasn’t laid newspapers on the floor and told me I need to be housebroken! She has also been working on improving my oral skills in pleasing her sexually. I just wish she would please me too, but she says maybe this weekend, if my training goes well this week. So I am doing my best. Mistress also told me that I need to lose some weight. She will prepare a schedule for me soon on my goals. Before I just had to maintain my weight and not gain at my weekly Saturday weigh ins. I think it was because I was a little nervous before becoming a slave and I ate too much. I do that sometimes when I nervous or worried.

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Getting me ready for my first punishment

I followed Mistress to where I was to be punished on all fours. When she invited me to spend a week at her house to get to know her better I did not think it would begin like this. But I knew part of the week would be devoted to Mistress – submissive activity. We reach the room where I was to be punished. She told me to get on the padded sawhorse. I did so, draping myself over it. She wasted no time putting my ankles in padded restraints that were then attached to the sawhorse. I pulled slightly on them, and seen I was going nowhere, until she decided I would. I was both excited and scared. Mistress Alana then walked over to the door to the room and closed it. She returned, saying “The room is soundproofed, and I just wanted to close the door so you can make as much noise as you want”. I gulped to myself. I wondered if she was serious, or just playing with me. I thought for a moment that I made a mistake ever coming here. She looked at me and asked, “So what are you feeling now girl?”. I replied, “Well to be honest I feeling a combination of things…excited, scared, nervous, curious…” She smiled, “Quite normal thoughts for a girl in your situation…just think of this as a………learning experience, and let’s hope you are a quick learner.” She then began to let fingertips dance over my skin, making long graceful patterns on my back, bottom and thighs. She had a wonderful touch. I replied, “I understand Mistress Alana” and a smile crossed her lips.

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Finally allowed out of my cage and me need to pee

After she unlocked the cage I backed out of the cage. I was glad to be out of the cage.  But I needed to go to the bathroom now. Since I did not have time to stop on the way over, and had spent the time after arriving in the cage I did not have a chance to urinate. I looked up and said, “Can I please go pee before we continue?” Mistress Alana smiled, “Of course dear you may”. Then as I started to get up she spoke again, “Where do you think you are going? Get back on all fours again! I will take you.” I got back on all fours again. Then she put a collar on my neck. I was glad that I had put my hair up before driving here , so she could do that quickly. She clipped a leash onto it. She said “OK puppy let’s go”. I thought yes lets go…and quickly please. Well instead of leading me to the bathrom she lead me outside to her back yard! I was going to have to pee outside!!! At this point though, I didn’t care much where I peed as long as I could pee, and now. She lead me to a patch of bare ground and told me to squat there and ask permission to pee. I quickly squatted and said, “Mistress Alana, may I please pee now?” She said yes and watched me as I did so. After I (finally) finished, she said. “I am glad to see that you are housebroken puppy. Now let’s play fetch the ball”. She undid the leash and I had to go get a ball she threw, and bring it back in my mouth to her, while I was on all fours. I was glad her neighbors’ houses were not close by and that she had a high fence.  I had to fetch the ball several times before she reattached my leash and we went back inside. She then said “OK, Minh let’s go take care of your punishment next”.

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